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Free DVD Menu Downloads

First of all have a look at the quality of our motion backgrounds


First of all ensure you have installed the RAR extractor package

Sample Download No 1.
TEST the display of our menu graphics on a TV screen or examine a high quality image preview.

Download this Superb
TV screen test sample menu image,It is the graphic standard of all our menus
and has been colour adjusted for PAL and NTSC display.

What you see on a computer may be dramatically different
when displayed the TV.

Sample Download No 2.
Check the operation of our menu components in studio


Download this file and install in studio
instruction on how to do this can be read here

Sample Download No 3.
TEST the operation of a WMV motion background in your software.


Simply download this sample and view which verfies compatibility of any motion background in this area with your system

If you cannot view the videos
use this free convertor to convert the files to avi







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